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More things about us

MaryJane Agency is the FIRST Ohio based...

...full service staffing agency specific to the Medical Marijuana Industry. Our premier employment service will train and
place qualified pre-screened staff for cannabis related businesses in order to provide the right candidate for the job.

Robin Ann Morris
Born and raised in Sandusky, Ohio, CEO Robin Ann Morris originally founded this organization in Denver, Colorado. Once Ohio became legalized, Robin decided to relocate back to her home town in August 2016 with a vision to bring jobs to her community. She truly wants to make a difference and has already earned high marks with Ohio candidates for her desire to help them succeed in this exciting new market.

Robin's experience in the Colorado Cannabis Industry has MaryJane Agency positioned to become THE Premier (and first) Staffing Agency located in Ohio to service the Cannabis Industry. She also created and currently owns several cannabis related websites, all of which has enabled her to gain vast knowledge of the ever changing cannabis industry.

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Paula White
Paula White (Cannabis Resource Specialist) started her career in the cannabis industry in 2011 after joining the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Campaign. She is an expert in communications, customer service and client relations with thirty years experience in business management.

Paula has immersed herself in the blossoming cannabis industry, connecting with patients, growers, manufacturers and dispensary owners in Colorado as well as Florida and California to further her understanding of the medical and recreational aspects of the cannabis business.
Amy L. Baden
Amy Baden (Recruiter) is Malcolm Gladwell’s living definition of a Connector! Amy combines 30+ years of professionalism with her passion for the growth of the medical cannabis industry in Ohio.

By joining MaryJane Agency she’ll be utilizing her intuitive hiring skills to align top notch candidates for employment in each disciplinary and ancillary business. When not visiting work sites or discovering innovative thinkers she can be found cooking vegetarian delights or river kayaking.

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