420 Marketing Diva


420marketingdiva-Robin-Ann-MorrisWhen implementing a successful marketing strategy for a new product using Facebook Ads is the most bang for your buck. We can perform the tasks for you or train you to DIY. 420Marketing Facebook Marketing Packages consists of the following tasks:

Step 1:
Defining Your Offer
Creating Compelling Ad Copy according to Facebook Ad Guidelines
Creating Clickable Ad Images
Create your ad images (Facebook ad images can contain only 20% text)

Step 2:
We can instruct on using the Power Editor
Determining Your Campaign Objectives
Defining Your Ad Sets and Placement
Daily Budget guidance

Step 3:
Setting Up Facebook Ads according to Facebook Ad Guidelines
Previewing Your Ad
Create your Facebook pixel

Step 4:
Defining Your Ideal Customer
Building Your Custom Audiences
Building Website Custom Audiences
Add the Facebook Pixel to a third-party website
Targeting Lookalike Audiences
Targeting Using Facebook Connections
Targeting Based on User Interests
Targeting Based on User Behaviors
Targeting Based on Demographics

Step 5:
Creating Sign Up Forms Using LeadPages
Setting Up Custom Conversions
Creating Sign-up Forms in MailChimp
Creating Sign-up Forms in Constant Contact
Linking to Facebook Ads using Facebooks Advertising Guidelines for Landing Pages

Step 6:
Email Sequence for Nurturing Campaigns
Automating Your Email Campaigns in MailChimp
Automating Your Email Campaigns in Constant Contact