Hubbard City Council votes on medical marijuana businesses

by Robin Ann Morris on

HUBBARD, Ohio – Medical marijuana is coming closer to becoming a reality in Ohio. Investors from all over the state want in on the action from the cultivation of the drug, to the processing of it, down to the selling of it.

Hubbard city officials are the latest to weigh in on how they will take part in its future. Hubbard City Council had proposed a straight up ban on all medical marijuana business in the city, but ultimately decided to allow for dispensaries only.

This means no cultivators or processors would be permitted in the city. Hubbard residents Terrie and Trina Rich changed their minds.  The Hubbard sisters want to open a medical marijuana dispensary in town.

The two believe marijuana can actually help people, and they want to do that in their own community. Medical marijuana can be prescribed for 21 different conditions. Terrie Rich has just one example.

“Parkinson’s and the tremors that go along with it. It can actually break the tremors so the patients can get relief from the tremors and actually be able to eat because of the effect it has on swallowing,” Rich said.

They must first apply for a certificate to dispense medical marijuana.  The sisters don’t have a location in mind just yet or a finalized business plan, but they do say security will be of the utmost importance.

“The misunderstanding is that anybody can come in and that’s just not so. You have to have a medical recommendation from a physician. We will have security there. You will have a swipe card that says yes, I am allowed to have this,” said Trina Rich.

The state will ultimately allow for 60 different dispensaries throughout Ohio. The city of Hubbard may or may not be one of them. The state hasn’t even issued official written rules yet.

Officials are expected to put those rules in effect in September, then make a decision in October on who will get those dispensary certificates.


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Written by: Robin Ann Morris

Founder & CEO at MaryJane Agency, LLC

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