State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy Draft Dispensary Districts

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State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy Draft Dispensary Districts


As one of three state agencies responsible for developing, implementing and overseeing the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, the Board of Pharmacy is tasked with determining where medical marijuana dispensaries will be located.

To assist in making this determination, the Board developed draft dispensary districts.

The draft dispensary districts were created after considering the following:

  • Established rules and regulations in other state medical marijuana programs
  • Patient populations
  • Consultation with regulators in other states Ohio’s population
  • Existing compliance resources for the State Board of Pharmacy
  • Access to major Ohio roadways The following pages include five maps

The first map depicts the entire state divided into the four quadrants that comprise the Board’s compliance regions. The maps on pages 3 through 6 break out the dispensary districts within each region and provides the maximum number of dispensaries in each district.

Next Steps

The Board is accepting public comment on the draft medical marijuana dispensary districts from July 26th – August 11th. Please submit comments to

For more information on the Medical Marijuana Control Program, including how to sign up for program updates, visit:


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Written by: Robin Ann Morris

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