What would you name your medical marijuana business?

by Robin Ann Morris on

The state is processing 185 applications from companies interested in growing and processing medical marijuana, and some of their names are unique to the newly legitimized business. 

Themes often reflect agriculture and medicine. Greenleaf Gardens LLC has applications in for potential cultivation/processing sites in three northern Ohio communities; Quest Wellness Ohio LLC has applications in for potential facilities in Youngstown and Columbus; Lake Erie Compassion Care LLC is looking to build and grow in Lowellville and Toledo.

Below is a list at some of the more interesting names.

Unusual Spellings

Some of the applicant have more than a few unusual spellings.

  • Farmaceutical RX LLC
  • Ohio Grown Medicene LLC
  • Buckeye Pharms

Made-up Words

A few of the interested companies have names using the made-up word “pharm.”

  • Buckeye Pharms
  • Appalachain Pharm Products LLC
  • Mahoning River Corridor Pharm LLC
  • National Biopharma
  • Mer-IT Releaf LTD
  • Ohio Releaf LLC
  • Canabiz LLC

The Use of “Grow”

Various uses of the word “grow” appear in 11 of the names, here is a sampling:

  • Justice Grown Ohio LLC
  • Silphium Grow LLC
  • OH-Gro LLC
  • Ohio Green Grow LLC

Obscure names

Then there are the more obscure submissions.

  • Runkadela Productions LTD
  • Warchag, Inc
  • GTI Ohio LLC

TKO OC LLC is applying for sites in Cleveland and Canton; GTI Ohio LLC is applying for sites in Toledo and Lorain.

Quirky and Creative

Many companies used creativity when naming their new business, some even rhyme.

  • Mother Grows Best LLC
  • OhiGrow LLC
  • HappyDale Farms LLC
  • Earth Philosophy
  • Future Dreams of Ohio LLC
  • Ancient Roots
  • Fire Rock LTD
  • Fortuity LLC
  • Sanctuary Medicinals of Ohio LLC
  • Under the Water Tower LLC
  • Compassionate Hearts Cultivation
  • Ohio Leaf Relief LLC
  • Clean Green Farms LLC


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Written by: Robin Ann Morris

Founder & CEO at MaryJane Agency, LLC

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