Who will allow medical marijuana? These communities have taken a stand

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Ohio has received 370 applications for license to dispense medical marijuana, including dozens in the Dayton area. The state’s list will be narrowed to 60 and 15 will be licensed for southwest Ohio

The next step will be to narrow the list to the 60 that will be licensed to sell medical marijuana when the state’s program gets off the ground next year. Fifteen licenses will be awarded in southwest Ohio.

For more than a year local communities have been setting their own rules for medical marijuana’s future there, including whether it can be grown or sold.

Here’s a sampling of what some cities and townships have said about their future with Ohio pot.

-Beavercreek Twp. Earlier this month approved the cultivation of marijuana. Knox Medical plans to build a $7 million to $8 million medical marijuana cultivation facility on the 10-acre property known as Siebenthaler’s Beavercreek Garden Center on Beaver Valley Road (Read more about Beavercreek Twp.) .

-Butler Twp.: Medical marijuana banned. Township trustees banned the growing or selling of medical marijuana in September. The township had already temporarily banned such businesses six months earlier (Read more about Butler Twp.) .

-Carlisle: Voted to temporarily ban medical marijuana. Has considered rescinding the ban. Ohio Craft Cultivators LLC, a company with a state application pending for a medical marijuana cultivation license, in October asked Carlisle to further rollback its temporary ban to permit marijuana processing. Several Carlisle residents oppose the move (Read more about Carlisle) .

-Huber Heights: Zoning change for cultivation voted down. This month was included among 11 sites for operations of Level II medical marijuana, but it remains unclear whether the site would be approved by the state. Level II sites are a maximum of 3,000 square feet. Level I sites cannot exceed 25,000 square feet.

In July, the city council voted down a zoning change to allow medical marijuana cultivators, processors and distributors, and additionally passed a moratorium on the industry in the city. The city has commissioned studies to determine the community’s stance on medical marijuana (Read more about Huber Heights).

-Lebanon: No decision on prohibiting. After extensive discussion, Lebanon City Council in July let die without a motion a resolution on prohibition of medical marijuana cultivation, processing or distribution (Read more about Lebanon) .

-Miami Twp.: This month extended a temporary ban on medical marijuana for a second time. Expected to eventually approve a ban on the sale or cultivation of medical marijuana, the text of the language change needed is still being reviewed (Read more about Miami Twp.) .

-Miamisburg: Medical marijuana banned. The city council in October voted to ban the sale or cultivation of medical marijuana, citing that it “remains classified as a Schedule I controlled substance” under federal guidelines(Read more about Miamisburg) .

-Moraine. Prohibited medical marijuana. The city council voted in October to ban the sale or cultivation of medical marijuana. In 2015 – when a proposal was on the ballot to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use – the city rejected a proposal from an unnamed business after it was discovered operators wanted to build a medical marijuana growing facility (Read more about Moraine) .

-Oakwood: Medical marijuana banned. The Oakwood City Council in March 2017 banned medical marijuana in the city, both for selling or cultivating (Read more about Oakwood) .

-Riverside: Land sale for grower approved. Riverside has approved the sale of three acres next to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to Farms of Riverside LLC, if the company is granted a license to grow medical marijuana (Read more about Riverside) .

-Springboro: Prohibited medical marijuana. The Springboro City Council approved a prohibition of cultivating, processing or distributing medical marijuana in the city in September, replacing a moratorium on the use (Read more about Springboro) .

-West Carrollton: Medical marijuana banned. The city council in October voted to ban the sale or cultivation of medical marijuana. Earlier, it declined pursuing a growing site after being approached about a group establishing a medical marijuana growing site in the city (Read more about West Carrollton) .

-Yellow Springs: Growing site approved. Village Council approved funds for an infrastructure engineering study at the so-called CBE site, vacant land along East Enon and Dayton-Yellow Springs roads that is slated for economic development. If a company, Cresco Labs, LLC, is granted a license to grow medical marijuana, the company has a purchase agreement for that site (Read more about Yellow Springs) .


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Written by: Robin Ann Morris

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