Ancient Roots, LLC

In the Miami Valley, Ancient Roots LLC was approved for a grow location in Wilmington in Clinton County according to the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program’s website.

Ancient Roots lists David Haley as its president and its headquarters at 7370 Kingsgate Way in West Chester, according to its cultivator application. The application proposes a grow facility in Wilmington on the site of Meadow Brook Farms LLC; the application said that the farm’s owner agreed to sell the property to Ancient Roots if the company was approved.

Ancient Roots Level 2 Cultivation

Haley said that Ancient Roots has nine months to build the Wilmington facility, at which point the state of Ohio will inspect the facility and confirm that it’s ready to start cultivation. Haley said the facility currently plans to have six or seven employees, but in the future Ancient Roots may hire more people if necessary.