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Top 5 Cannabis Jobs in the Industry

Accounting – FinanceAdministrativeBud TenderBud TrimmersConsultingCultivationData – AnalyticsDesignerDeveloper – EngineeringDispensary ManagerGrow MasterGrowerHR – RecruitingMaster GrowerProduct ManufacturerProject ManagementQuality AssuranceSalesSecurityStore ManagerWeb Development

The cannabis jobs industry will have positioned itself to be one of the most lucrative and innovative markets in the business. Far from the days where marijuana was frowned upon as a senseless act that brain dead teenagers engaged in. As the concept of marijuana is beginning to gain a wider social acceptance. More and more people are selecting the cannabis industry as legit career path.

Across America, states are moving toward the legalization of marijuana which will result in more jobs being created. California and Colorado are two of the easiest states to gain employment. While Washington is gaining steam as well after they made recreational use legal in November 2012.

The marijuana industry provides a major shift from your typical 9-5 job. If your involvement with marijuana has been on the underground scene or none at all, millions of people are signing up. The bar has been set pretty high in the marijuana industry after two months of legalization in Colorado.

They state immediately received a 3.4 million increase in new tax revenues. Business is booming. This marks a milestone in American history. Where growing, selling, and the legalized use of marijuana exist. With such a high demand for the product. There are multiple ways to become hands on in this new thriving industry.

5. Product Manufacturer

When dealing with stoners, there is never a lack of new ideas.

One nice bowl rip and a stream of innovative ideas begin to fill your imagination. In order to bring these ideas to fruition, you have to gather info. See if there’s a specific target group for your product.

You’ll be required to have a finished product that you can begin building a brand for. Once you have your product you can start testing on the open market.

You’re required to file an application with the US Patent Office. It’s easy to say you have an invention that you assume will be a hit. Place your concept and thought behind it and seeing if other individuals gravitate towards it is a sure fire way to rack in a lot of money.

Creative minds welcome.


This is one of the more hands on sides of the job that involves more of a creative way to evaluate the plant.

There is more labor required but if you remain diligent the payoff could be big.

Bud trimmers is a low-level entry job that involves working with the plant directly. The general wage is around $13 hourly but some individuals get paid by the pound, which can range between 100-200 a pound.

This job can be very tedious at times using little scissors to cut the flower from the stem. It is vital that all trimmers only get what is required so you don’t waste any of the buds.

Not the most glamorizing gig in the industry but it teaches you attention to detail and allows you to start on the ground floor and work your way through the ranks.


Nothing would be more righteous for your typical stoner than to be among the most beautiful strands of herb plants on a daily basis.

This is said to be one of the most rewarding paths a person could take in the industry. However, one of the most enjoyable sides of the business can come with its frustrations as well.

Laws can differentiate from state to state and city to city.

From a financial standpoint, when growing your own strand of bud you can advertise to dispensary shops. The beauty about dispensaries, it’s a buyers market which likely means you will walk away satisfied with whatever amount you’re paid for your legalized marijuana.

This entry level job allows you to witness the various stages of what it takes to grow marijuana at a high quantity, but also making sure the overall quality of the plant and its buds are up to par as well.

This requires an extreme level of patience, but the payout once this process is complete could provide life long connections between you and a huge marijuana dispensary.


This is one of the most pertinent levels of the industry due to your ability to engage with customers.

Your job is to display the knowledge of a majority of strands both whether it’s sativa or hybrid and convey in a way that the customer can gain knowledge of a particular plant.

For example, if a customer came in and was looking to gain specific info about the AK-47 plant which is a hybrid strand with a citrus type taste but a skunky type of smell. To display exceptional knowledge of the multiple marijuana plants will allow you to better give advice to customers as to what specific strand is the perfect fit for their symptoms and or use.

Being a budtender allows you as a fellow consumer of marijuana to have knowledge of the culture and understand what works well for yourself when you’re ready to toke one.


This is considered by many to be reaching the plateau of the industry as a whole.

Grow masters are the individuals who have an immediate impact on the cannabis culture and what is being consumed by its fellow customers.

Grow master’s duties involve creating various strands of marijuana plants. Somewhat similar to being a master chef providing five-star meals. This level is in high demand and growers can demand a minimum of $100,000 a year.

The one downfall is all of the master growers are from California, however, this allows for theses growers to develop a specific skill set and establish a reputation.

Mastery of growing gives you a direct pulse in the cannabis community. And as more states begin to green light the legalization of marijuana, California will have more competition and other grow masters will begin to level the playing field.

All these cannabis jobs provide a new and innovative way to contribute and thrive in the 21st century.

Marijuana is a commodity that we are only scratching the surface of. As America continues to understand the positive and healthful use of consumption can have, so it will grow.

The job I always find enjoyable is the bud trimming gig.

From a personal standpoint, I’m a firm believer if you work hard it’ll eventually pay off. I apply the same mentality to bud trimming.

Not only Do I get to understand the vital points of the plant and what is smokable. But it also gives me a chance to work my way up the ladder and display valued work ethics.

A personal favorite of mine would be the bud tender aspect of the job. It allows you to gain knowledge on the marijuana culture as a whole.

You provide customers over the counter info that allows you to network and establish relationships with the people who support your dispensary.

Grow masters is the absolute pinnacle of the cannabis culture. You have a direct impact on what is deemed Grade A marijuana smoke amongst stoners everywhere. One day perhaps 420smokers will have their own strain and crops to share with the community.

The marijuana industry is growing rapidly. if you’re a free minded individual looking to show your worth this would be a blazing career path for you to follow.