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We empower entrepreneurs to build profitable companies. Our "Cut Above" service is helping budding entrepreneurs grow in the Cannabis industry. Join MaryJane Agency Canna Business Consulting service as we bring industry entrepreneurs, professionals, patients, and other community members together to network within the cannabis industry via our virtual platform (Coming Soon)!

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Growing your canna business is the most important responsibility that you should constantly have first in mind. Business development involve tasks and processes to develop and implement growth opportunities between organizations. The main purpose of a business plan is to be used to help run your company with a more cohesive vision by being your road map to your success. Every business has a target audience that they need to reach in order to be profitable.

Your business plan should bring together the key elements of your business that include details about the products, services, the cost, sales and expected profits. Lenders and investors will want to see a business plan so if you're looking for money from outside sources, you will need to show a business plan to them.

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