Patients are required to be a resident of Ohio and have at least one qualifying condition (see below) diagnosed by a physician. Call or text Green Health Docs at 614-269-3085 and we will gladly answer any of your questions!

What are the qualifying medical conditions that may be treated with medical cannabis in Ohio?

How do I set up an appointment with a registered Medical Marijuana Physician in Ohio?
What credentials do the physicians of Green Health Docs have?
What will I need for my appointment with Green Health Docs?
Will my health insurance cover the certification process and all fees?
How much will the Ohio medical cannabis certification cost?
There is no cannabis to purchase at this time. Why should I get my certification now?
Where can I fax my medical records so that they can be viewed by the physician at the time of my medical marijuana appointment?
What will take place at my visit with Green Health Docs?
What is a caregiver?
Do I need to register as a medical cannabis patient in Ohio?
What is the cost to register as a patient or caregiver in Ohio?
How long will a patient’s Ohio medical cannabis registration be valid?
Will a patient’s registration status be made publicly available?
Where will I be able to obtain medical marijuana in Ohio?
What forms of medical marijuana will be available in Ohio?
Will medical cannabis be available to minors?
Can veterans obtain medical cannabis in Ohio?
Will Ohio patients be permitted to grow medical marijuana for personal consumption?
How much medical marijuana will a registered patient or caregiver be able to possess at one time?
Will Ohio dispensaries recognize medical marijuana cards from another state?
What happens if I am stopped by law enforcement?