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Gaps in the cannabis market

According to Hawkins, who manages a cannabis fund invested in a dozen diverse companies, some sectors of the industry are lacking and ripe for newcomers to step in. One such area, he said, is distribution.

"One of the major opportunities in the space … is a pure distribution model," Hawkins said. "Right now there's really just wholesale and retail, without much in between."

Larson agreed: "A company we've not yet been able to work with is someone actually doing the physical distribution; something like the FedEx of the industry."

Another area that's lacking in the industry at large is education. Whether its training employees on the proper protocols and the regulatory environment or educating consumers on cannabis itself, there is currently a void that needs filling.

"We'll need something similar to the educational messaging you see for alcohol and tobacco," Hawkins said.

For Feldman, there's still plenty of time for aspirational startups in every sector to get in the game. The industry is still young and growing, meaning opportunities still exist and new ones will appear as it matures.